Thursday, February 14, 2008

In Search of Our Stories

MissionGreenLife TV Needs You!
Join our two entertaining hosts and our roving teen green reporter as we set out on a quest to transform our world, one adventurous mission at a time. Mission Green Life TV sets the standard for “green impact”. Our viewers write in and we respond as we travel to our destination to help take and ordinary something and turn it green. Kids, families, communities and businesses will be recruited; experts consulted as teams are formed and the antics & action begin. What will happen? What challenges do we confront along our quest? What impact can really be made? Watch and see how homes, community, parks, playgrounds, schools, businesses and towns will be left forever transformed. Lives will be changed, fun will be had, solutions for everyday issues will be given and the planet will be healthier and happier as a result.

Please write in and share your stories for possible use in upcoming show episodes. If you want to be considered for on air features please provide us with a working email address for an intial follow up inquiry.

Together we can all make a difference by being the change we seek~
Yours in Life,
Melissa Grill Petersen, DC

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